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In this section I tried to catalog what I found in the remains of the McKinney and Gainesville Texas PDHs. I guess this is a bit of a "combination" section that shows what a PDH was to be and what remains of PDHs now. I don't have any knowledge of medical items or procedures so I tried my best with the descriptions. Click photos to see larger.

Miscellaneous PDH Items

Here are some of the many vintage medical items found with the McKinney PDH. The McKinney PDH was a later model PDH. I believe it was a Model 62 but I'm not absoultely sure. The Gainesville Model 57 PDH had porcelin bedpans, etc where the McKinney PDH had stainless bedpans etc. The cardboard toilet is a standard PDH toilet. It's simply a wax coated carboard box with a heavy plastic liner bag. Click photos to see larger.

Medicine Bottles
Cardboard Toilet
Urine Specimen Bottles
Arm Splint
Surgical Instruments
Glass Syringe

Cooke County/Gainesville Texas PDH
Here are a few shots of what was left of a PDH that was in Cooke County Texas. The condition of this PDH was similar to the one in McKinney but not nearly as ransacked. This was a Model 57 PDH. This PDH went to the Nimits Museum in Fredericksburg Texas where they put it to very good use.
See the Nimitz display here.
PDH Stuff
Broken Open Pillow Crates
Litter Cases