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This section covers remnants of two Civil Defense Packaged Disaster Hospitals I located in Mc Kinney Texas and in Gainesville Texas. There were more than 1900 of these emergency hospitals stored around the country. These were 200 bed mobile hospitals similar to an army field hospital. In this section I tried to catalog what I salvaged from the remains of the McKinney Texas PDH. I wasn't able to salvage any of the Gainesville PDH but it went to the Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburgh Texas. I guess this is a bit of a "combination" section that shows what a PDH was to be and what remains of PDHs now. I don't have any knowledge of medical items or procedures so I tried my best with the photo descriptions. Click photos to see larger.

Storage buildingIn March of 2001 I spent some time contacting Emergency Management people around the North Texas area looking for possible remaining stashes of Civil Defense stuff. My efforts turned up a few things, but this was the most impressive. I talked to the Collin county (the county I live in) Fire Marshal and he informed me that they had come across the remnants of a Civil Defense Emergency Hospital in a small building at the North Texas Job Corps Center in McKinney, the Collin County seat, a few years ago. They located the hospital stuff during a Y2K preparedness audit. They had records of a couple of generators being with this long neglected hospital stock but the generators were long gone. The Job Corps Center is located about 10 miles North of my home. This center used to be an old Veterans Administration hospital although I'm not sure how long ago. I called the center and asked them about the Civil Defense stuff and asked if I could come out to see it. They were really nice and we set up a time that I go out a look it over. I took this picture and the two photos at the bottom of this page quickly with my digital camera during my first visit. In April of 2001 I finally got the ok from them, after they contacted several agencies who didn't want it, to go through it and salvage what I wanted. At the bottom of the page are some pictures of what it looked like before I went through and salvaged the remains. This section is a combination of a description of what the CDPDHs were to be and what remains of them.

Collin Memorial Hospital now Courts Building

This building used to be the Collin Memorial Hospital. It served as the Collin County courts center for a while and is now gone. This is where this stock of Packaged Disaster Hospital stuff was originally stored. The address labels I found on the cases were addressed to the basement of this building.

Hospital Junk PileThis is how it was in all of its horribly mangled glory. There were some cases still intact despite how bad it looks in the picture. The administrator of the Job Corps Center told me that some guys came out several years ago and tore it apart like this. I don't have any idea who would have done this or why. Maybe they were looking for the prescription medicines that were once stocked with this hospital stuff. Who knows.

Hospital Junk Pile

More shambles. The boxes and crates with the white rectangular labels have a 1967 date on the labels. I found things dated from 1958 to 1968 in the stuff. I have no idea when this PDH stock was moved to this location. Maybe they needed space in the hospital where it was originally stored. Check out the other pages to see some individual items from this PDH stock.